Garin Eugenio - History of italian Philosophy (Volume 1, 2)

Garin Eugenio - History of italian Philosophy (Volume 1, 2)
Название: History of italian Philosophy (Vol. 1, 2) / История итальянской философии (том I, II)
Авторы Garin Eugenio / Гарен (Гарэн) Эудженио
Перевод с итальянского Giorgio Pinton
Amsterdam - New-Нork: Rodopi, 2008 - 1433 c.
Серия Value Inquiry Book Series (VIBS) Vol. 191
ISBN 90-420-2321-X, 978-90-420-2321-5
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15,8 Mb
Качество: текст, OCR (с сохранением оригинальной структуры)
Язык: Английский (eng)

The original work of Eugenio Garin titled Storia della Filosofia Italiana enjoyed three editions. It was first published in 1947 without much recognition, and was reprinted in 1966 with the addition of a long "epilogue” on the character of Italian philosophy during the first few decades of the twentieth century. For the third edition of 1978 Garin increased by two hundred pages the bibliographical notes. In these notes, Garin commented on his own positions about the topics covered in the text, added new information, and offered supporting quotations from new texts.
The present work represents the full spectrum of Garin’s reflection on Italian philosophy and it alone allows us to follow on Garin’s footsteps and comprehend how all his other researches came to be developed and connected to form an integrated whole. His published researches, between 1943 and 1978, dealt with some well-defined topic, a single age, or some typical individuals in one or more periods of the cultural history of Italy. Among his works are Il Rinascimento italiano (1941), Filosofiitaliani del Quattrocento (1942), Ladisputa delle arti nel Quattrocento (1947), Contributi alla storia del Concilio di Trento e della Controriforma (1948), L’umanesimo italiano: filosofia e vita civile nel Rinascimento (1952), Medioevo e Rinascimento (1954), Il pensiero pedagogico dell’umanesimo (1958), La cultura filosofica del Rinascimento italiano (1961), Ritratti di Umanisti (1967), Scienza e vita civile nel Rinascimento italiano (1975), Lo zodiaco della vita: la polemica sull’astrologia dal Trecento al Cinquecento (1976). Four works have an English published version: Science and Civic Life in the Italian Renaissance; Astrology in the Renaissance: The Zodiac of Life; Portraits from the Quattrocento, and Italian Humanism: Philosophy and Civil Life in the Renaissance.

Оригинальная работа Эудженио Гарэна под названием "Storia della Filosofia Italiana" пережила три издания. Она была впервые опубликована в 1947 году, но не получила особого признания, была переиздана в 1966 году с добавлением длинного "Эпилога" о характере итальянской философии в первые десятилетия двадцатого века. К третьему изданию 1978 года работа Гарэна увеличилась на 200 страниц библиографических записей. В этих заметках Гарэн комментировал свои собственные позиции по поводу тем, изложенных в тексте книги, добавленной новой информации.

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