The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy

The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy
Название: The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy / Кембриджская история философии Ренессанса 
Автор: Editors: C. B. Schmitt, Quentin Skinner, Eckhard Kessler, Jill Kraye
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Год: 2007
Страниц: 922
Формат: DjVu
Качество: хорошее -  сканированные страницы + текстовый слой
Язык: English
The Cambridge History of Renaissance Philosophy offers a balanced and comprehensive account of philosophical thought from the middle of the fourteenth century to the emergence of modern philosophy at the turn of the seventeenth century. The Renaissance has attracted intense scholarly attention for over a century, but in the beginning the philosophy of the period was relatively neglected and this is the first volume in English to synthesize for a wider readership the substantial and sophisticated research now available. The volume is organized by branch of philosophy rather than by individual philosopher or by school. The intention has been to present the internal development of different aspects of the subject in their own terms and within their historical context. This structure also emphasizes naturally the broader connotations of "philosophy" in that intellectual world.


Part I. The Intellectual Context: The Conditions of Enquiry: 1. Manuscripts John F. D`Amico; 2. Printing and censorship Paul F. Grendler; 3. The Renaissance concept of philosophy Cesare Vasoli; 4. Translation, terminology and style in philosophical discourse Brain P. Copenhaver; 5. Humanism Paul Oskar Kristeller;
Part II. Philosophy and its Parts: Logic and Language: 6. Traditional logic E. J. Ashworth; 7. Humanistic logic Lisa Jardine;
Part III. Natural Philosophy: 8. Traditional natural philosophy William A. Wallace; 9. The new philosophy of nature Alfonso Ingegno; 10. Astrology and magic Brian P. Copenhaver; 11. Moral philosophy Jill Kraye; 12. Political philosophy Quentin Skinner;
Part IV. Psychology: 13. The concept of psychology Katharine Park and Eckhard Kessler; 14. The organic soul Katharine Park; 15. The intellective soul Eckhard Kessler; 16. Metaphysics Charles H. Lohr;
Part V. Problems of Knowledge and Action: 17. Fate, fortune, providence and human freedom Antonino Poppi; 18. Theories of knowledge Richard H. Popkin; 19. Epistemology of the sciences Nicholas Jardine;
Part VI. Philosophy and Humanistic Disciplines: 20. Rhetoric and poetics Brian Vickers; 21. The theory of history Donald R. Kelley; Supplementary material; Appendices; 22. The availability of ancient works Anthony Grafton; 23. The rise of the philosophical textbook Charles B. Schmitt; Biobibliographies Michael J.

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